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Create Successful
Cause-Marketing Partnerships
with the Glowing Your Business
Training Workshop

Based on the proven fundamentals of our comprehensive Glowing Your Business™ training system, this hands-on workshop is designed to give you a full immersion into the world of partnerships, exciting case studies, award- effective marketing campaigns winning yet off-the-wall creative approaches and strategies that move audiences to action.

Cause Marketing Is Not His Job, It’s His Life Mission to Make Your Organization Glow!
What drives Bruce is his desire to transfer over 30 years of first-hand marketing knowledge to his workshop attendees so that they really “get it”. They understand that the end result of a well-designed, well-executed cause marketing campaign is to create an “everybody wins” success story where the nonprofit and for-profit partners enjoy their greatest potential, the opportunity to impact thousands of lives, and the chance to glow.

What You’ll Learn
Bruce holds nothing back, and hides no secrets. Indeed, he often says that cause marketing is not rocket-science. Success comes from taking a proven step-by-step approach and leveraging what you already have, with the right partner(s), in a combined effort to create a greater good.

Measureable Outcomes
In this fun and informative workshop you will be empowered with the tools and techniques taken from our unique Glowing Your Business™ training system. You cannot help but come away chock-full of new ideas, strategies and motivation to be the leader in your organization’s move to stronger financial stability and growth. These are outcomes you can measure on your path to making your organization glow!

You will discover:
A full understanding of cause marketing
How to develop a creative strategy
What makes up a successful integrated marketing plan
Case studies of good and not-so-good campaigns
Interactive exercises that put your new understanding to work
How to find and develop partnerships that work best for your marketing goals
How to maximize the return on your cause marketing investment
How to make your organization glow, and much more

To learn more about our comprehensive Glowing Your Business™ workshop, please fill out the informational form on our contact page.

Glowing Your Business™ Training System
(Coming Soon)

The most comprehensive training ever developed on cause marketing… and then some.
After 30 years of leading edge, in-the-trenches experience in the design and execution of highly successful cause marketing campaigns, Bruce has made a game-changing leap, with the development of his unique Glowing Your Business™ Training System. This one-of-a kind system brings it all together… and the timing is perfect. Cause marketing has come of age, with a phenomenal growth rate. According to the IEG Sponsorship Report, U.S. spending on cause marketing in 2002 was $816 million. 2010 spending on cause marketing is projected to rise 6.1% and hit $1.61 billion, doubling in just eight years. The report also predicted that “Cause marketing will be the fastest growing category of sponsorship spending in 2010.” Why? Because it works!

The Glowing Your Business™ training system is now under development and will be available soon.


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“First you have incredible credibility and command. You know what you were talking about with concern and directness and without arrogance. RARE!”

~ Fritha Knudsen Producer of Live Events, Radio and Television

“To be a great company today, you have to be a
good company”
~ Jeff Immelt, CEO, General Electric