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Dynamic Speaking Engagements
That Inspire and Move Your Audience

This is not your everyday, boring lecture. When Bruce stands before your group you know he’s been there and done that…from Fortune 500 consultant, to founding a highly successful PR/advertising agency, to directing the cause marketing of major nonprofit organizations, to founding a college, and much more.


When you leave, you will have discovered:
A proven system that will raise brand awareness, increase sales, create higher employee morale, raise donations and make your company or non-profit organization glow!
How to find and develop the very best partnerships that match your marketing objectives
You will see what works and what not to do
How to become the leader in your organization’s move to higher growth and public recognition

More than providing just an entertaining (though it surely is!) presentation, Bruce delivers knock-out motivational stories and case studies of cause marketing partnerships that have set new standards in the industry. Significantly, many of the case studies are campaigns Bruce designed and directed. And he really knows his stuff, having been on the leading edge of marketing and public/private partnerships well before the term “cause marketing” was coined. Bruce tailors his presentations to the particular audience, and he has presented to CEO organizations, Chambers of Commerce, University MBA programs, nonprofit conferences, individual organizations, indeed, all forms of speaking platforms.

Bruce provides speaking presentations in two lengths:

45 Minutes (Keynote, Conference or Group)
In this shorter timeframe, Bruce provides an overall understanding of his unique approach to Glowing Your Business™ and the many benefits of partnerships between nonprofit and for-profit partnerships. Case studies and examples of what to do, and especially what not to do, are discussed. Above all, the audience is motivated to go out and Do Good. Be Great!™, and indeed, to learn how to glow.
2 Hours (Seminar, Small Workshop)
Two hours packed with “how to” information, where audiences discover Bruce’s unique approach to Glowing Your Business™ and key steps to begin creating their own cause marketing campaigns. This small workshop provides in-depth case studies, interactive exercises, in-the-trenches techniques and creative strategies to provide hands-on learning. Audiences walk away with new ideas and the motivation to change their organizations through cause marketing…. and to create a greater good through cross-sector partnerships.

To learn more about having Bruce speak to your organization, please fill out the informational form on our contact page.
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“Bruce is extremely knowledgeable and did an excellent job explaining Cause Marketing in a very informative and entertaining way. His preparation was superb and his delivery was engaging and informative.”

~ Harry Chapin, Founder, Bay Area Consultants Network