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Create Successful Cause-Marketing Partnerships
with Glowing Your Business™ Training

The first challenge when someone wants to undertake a cross-sector partnership and develop a successful cause marketing campaign is to find the right source for best practices and proven processes. Where do you go? There are books on cause marketing, hundreds of online articles, associations and websites that will give you examples of campaigns, webinars and other information on the topic. But you want to learn how to develop a campaign… and that takes training, from experienced professionals.

Capitalizing on his 30 years in the business, Bruce Burtch has developed a comprehensive “how to” training process for the strategy, design and execution of a cause marketing campaign. Whether you’re a small local business, a five-person nonprofit, a Fortune 500 corporation or a national charitable organization, you will find success in the proven fundamentals of our comprehensive Glowing Your Business™ training system.
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Dynamic Speaking Engagements that Inspire and Move Your Audience
When Bruce stands before your group you know he’s been there and done that…from Fortune 500 consultant, to founding a highly successful PR/advertising agency, to directing the cause marketing of major nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and much more. Whether you are seeking an inspirational keynote address, a presentation before your Association or industry gathering, a tailored meeting for your particular company, organization or foundation, Bruce delivers an inspirational, entertaining and informative speaking presentation.
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Developing Marketing CampaignsThat Inspire Consumers
and Elevate Brands.

Xerox, United States Olympic Committee, AT&T, American Red Cross, Marriott, Special Olympics, USS Potomac Association, Art Works Downtown…from very
large to very small, Bruce Burtch creates highly innovative, strategic cause marketing campaigns designed to achieve your specific business-building goals. He bring incredible experience and credibility to his role as a creative, results-generating consultant to your organization.
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“Upon meeting Bruce, I was impressed immediately with his forthright enthusiasm and charisma. Years later, I still marvel at his remarkable integrity, dedication to achieving results, and sheer delight in his work. Bruce is wonderful to work with, clear about goals, and relentless in his determination to get results. I recommend Bruce most highly as a natural leader.”

~ Ann McCormick, Ph.D. CEO, Learning Friends; Former Founder/CEO, The Learning Company