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The Current Economy has Hit You Hard
Major gifts have fallen off sharply, as have corporate and individual donations. Even long-standing relations you may have with foundations are producing less grant funding, if any at all. And you know that as badly as you need the funds, holding a major fundraiser or special event is risky in these economic times. Making matters worse, in times like this, your services are in greater demand.

I’ve Been There…
At the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter, we faced a similar challenge. We needed to prepare the San Francisco Bay Area public for the imminent possibility of a catastrophic earthquake, which could result in over 400,000 people being instantly homeless. Yet following shortly after Hurricane Katrina, our funding red crossresources were severely tapped-out, our staff had been reduced by over 35%, and we couldn’t attempt such a necessary, broad-reaching campaign. We needed help.

How Cause Marketing Made a Difference
we were able to develop a cause marketing partnership with the Pacific Gas and Electric Company. This partnership led to the development of the most successful emergency preparedness campaign in history – training over 1,000,000 Bay Area residents. Learn how.

86% of nonprofit organizations do not have cause marketing partnerships
66% of senior executives surveyed were interested in learning more about nonprofit/for- profit partnerships

15% were not sure how to go about learning about cause marketing

Fall, 2009 Survey by Bruce W. Burtch Inc.

We Can Help You in These Challenging Times
We have over 30 years experience in the design and execution of highly successful partnerships between nonprofits and for-profit organizations. Indeed, Bruce is credited for designing the very first cause marketing campaign, a partnership between Marriott Corporation and the March of Dimes. Such campaigns, when designed properly, can significantly increase your brand awareness, generate increased donations, stimulate volunteers, raise employee morale, and more.

We Can Help. Learn how.

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