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Developing Cause Marketing
Campaigns that Inspire Consumers
and Elevate Brands.

How does he do it?
Bruce has an uncanny ability to develop highly innovative yet practical consulting services to Fortune 500 companies (Xerox, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Chevron and more), to several of the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations (American Red Cross, March of Dimes, Special Olympics, U.S. Olympic Committee and more), and to considerably smaller local
and regional for-profit or nonprofit organizations. He is committed to creating a greater good and the size of the organizations involved really doesn’t matter. It’s all about impact that can be achieved and the mutual reward and success of all partners.

Shift Brand Perceptions
Throughout all of his work, at all levels, he has shown that the key element to any marketing campaign is creating a shift in brand perception. For example, when a consumer product becomes a vehicle for community engagement through its support of a nonprofit cause, the public (and employees, shareholders, media, etc.) sees the product’s value extend well beyond its core function, and a beneficial shift in its brand perception occurs.

Create Transformations that Boost Sales and Build Support
The result of this transformation is increased brand recognition and sales for the business, and increased public understanding of the mission and increased donor support for the nonprofit. Wonderful, unexpected results usually arise as part of this transformation as both the nonprofit and the for-profit partners realize higher employee morale and loyalty, leading to lower turnover and greater organizational profit. Media attention is drawn to the cause marketing campaign and to the participants. Donors, shareholders and the public at-large are increasingly attracted to the partners, due to their mutual commitment to the cause and the greater good it creates.

Develop the Right Partnering Relationships
What differentiates Bruce’s consulting work from others is how he creates this transformation. Yes, he matches the right partners and designs ideas that excite and attract attention. However, his forte is developing cause marketing campaigns that are charged with an emotional mission, and that motivate all parties, especially the consumer, to take action.

For example, with the assignment to develop a marketing campaign to support the USS Potomac, FDR’s Presidential Yacht, Bruce conceived the development of the USS Potomac Leader-Ship Academy. This innovative project-learning Academy will bring leadership, history and an on-board educational experience to middle school students from underserved communities, free-of-charge. And that concept excited all involved.

Consulting Produce Short and Long Term Results
As a cause marketing consultant, Bruce focuses on results, both short and long term. His campaigns are highly innovative, designed to achieve specific marketing goals, and several have become national cause marketing models. His greatest compliment comes when programs he has created continue many years beyond his assignment. One such program is the Tenderloin-After School Program, now in its 16th year. As a volunteer Bruce conceived and spearheaded the development of this educational, cultural and recreational facility for at-risk children in the heart of one of San Francisco’s most crime-ridden districts.

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“Bruce did more in the first six weeks than our Development Director did in two years.”

USS Potomac ~ Marti Burchell, Executive Director
The USS Potomac Association

“Bruce provided outstanding and professional consulting services. His ability to gain high level contacts and conduct thoughtful, energizing, and to-the-point presentations was priceless. In the future, if the opportunity was available, I would more than happily retain his services.”

~ Richard Cofell, Global Account General Manger,
Xerox Global Services