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  “Win-Win for the Greater Good provides the ‘how to’ blueprint for organizations of any size and from any sector to build highly productive partnerships.  It reveals the true essence of success - focusing on the business objectives of your partner, while striving together to create a greater good.” 
- Casey Sheahan, CEO, Patagonia, Inc.

“America had Christopher Columbus. Cause marketing has Bruce Burtch. A man of firsts like the great explorer, Bruce has been designing innovative, highly-successful cross-sector partnerships since 1975. Win-Win for the Greater Goodwill help you chart a course for success for your organization and for a better world.”
- Joe Waters,, The Web's #1 Cause Marketing Blog Co-author, Cause Marketing for Dummies

Win-Win lucidly captures Bruce Burtch’s decades of practitioner wisdom on cross-sector partnerships. The book is filled with rich examples and insightful practical guidance on how to build powerful partnerships. Read it and learn from a master!”
- James E. Austin, Eliot I. Snider and Family Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus, Harvard Business School, Author, The Collaboration Challenge

“A ‘must read’ for any organization. Through real stories and his deep experience, Bruce Burtch proves that magic can happen when a partnership is focused on creating a greater good."
- Howard Behar, President, Starbucks Coffee International, Retired

“Worth its weight in fundraising gold. Win-Win for the Greater Good turns the tables on traditional approaches to nonprofit/for-profit funding relationships. It challenges you to build a business value proposition and provides over 30 ways to beneficially impact your organization through partnerships, while greatly increasing your service impact.”
- Peggy Duvette, Executive Director, WiserEarth

"An amazing compilation of great ideas!  Win-Win for the Greater Good provides terrific tools and concepts that will help your non-profit, your business or your community make a difference in the lives of many."
- Sherri Lewis Wood, Founder, One Warm Coat