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What is Cause Marketing?

Cause marketing is the development of a marketing partnership between two or more nonprofit and for-profit organizations whereby each party receives benefit toward their individual marketing objectives, while striving to create a greater good through their combined resources. In most cases, the nonprofit organization seeks funding, enhanced public awareness and expansion of their service delivery; while the for-profit organization seeks increased brand recognition, enhanced public relations value and greater sales generation.

Cause marketing partnerships are of particular importance in these challenging economic times when the corporate partners are looking for ways of leveraging their limited marketing budgets. And nonprofits are seriously struggling to stay afloat. And here’s the key: Funding for cause marketing usually comes from the marketing budget, which is many times the size of a company’s philanthropic budget. So it’s good marketing and fundraising but delivered though a partnership which provides much greater benefit to all.

A Unique Approach to Cause Marketing:
Good to Great to Glowing

Putting two or more organizations together and executing a marketing campaign is good. Creating a shared vision that inspires all parties, and having the public realize there is real, tangible value in the cause marketing offering – that can be great. But to glow…now that takes a much deeper commitment. To glow you must embed a cause consciousness into the very fabric and culture of your organization. You must leap forward, focusing on the “everybody wins” success of all stakeholders, internally and externally.

This inspirational transformation, this vision, is the trademark of Bruce Burtch. Through his unique business style as a catalyst, he propels for-profit and nonprofit partners to achieve something new, many times creating amazing results that have not existed before their relationship. But always, always his focus is on the greater good. And that makes you glow.

Bruce BurtchBruce Burtch
For over 30 years Bruce has helped for-profit and nonprofit organizations develop win-win partnerships which maximize their strategic marketing and fund development success. A nationally-recognized cause marketing expert, he designed the most successful campaign on emergency preparedness in the country through a partnership between Pacific Gas & Electric and the American Red Cross, raising over $1Million, garnering over $3Million in earned media, resulting in an unprecedented 1,000,000 people being trained. Bruce is a classic entrepreneur, having founded three companies, two nonprofit organizations, served as a Fortune 500 consultant and conceived the nation’s only degree-granting college based on the Oxford-Cambridge tutorial system. He is part Board Room savvy, part roll-up-the-sleeves, in-the-trenches guerrilla marketer, with a dash of electric passion and contagious humor. Bruce has served on numerous nonprofit Boards and was awarded the Distinguished Leadership Award, presented by the National Association of Community Leadership, for spearheading the development of San Francisco’s Tenderloin After-School Program. Above all, Bruce is driven by his purpose of “Building partnerships that serve the greater good.”

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cause marketing Photographer Jeanette Vonier conceived the idea to develop a pin-up calendar as a fundraising vehicle to support breast cancer charities and research. The portrayal of these courageous women and one man, all breast cancer survivors, posing with humor–and a touch of sexiness–harkens back to a more innocent and gentle time in our American history, the Forties and Fifties.
red cross bay area Wells Fargo Bank and American Red Cross Bay Area partnered together to develop a 16-page, four-color fundraising catalog, titled “Give the Gift of Preparedness this Holiday Season”. Over 300,000 catalogs were distributed throughout the Bay Area in Wells Fargo branches, inserted into the Holiday issue of Benefit Magazine and sent to Red Cross donors.